I have often seen people hookahing (pretty sure that is not even a word), in TV shows and movies, but it is not something I have ever done before.

For those that don't know, Hookahs are water pipes used to smoke specially made, flavored tobacco. Hookah lounges are typically trendy hangouts for people in their 20's and 30's, and this is one of the reasons why some members of the Rockford City Council believe approving a hookah ordinance could be a positive thing for Downtown Rockford.

WIFR.com reports;

The hookah ordinance passed through committee but it wasn’t unanimous as some alderpersons are excited about the added business others are concerned what kind of image it could portray.

This new hookah ordinance would essentially allow smoking inside public spaces again, but it would come with a very strict set of regulations. Firstly hookah lounges would not be allowed to offer food or beverages, only the sale of hookah products.

If this hookah ordinance proceeds, Alderperson Jonathan Logemann told WIFR it would have to be done in a 'responsible way'. Logemann said;

“Not move too fast to see if this works and  who is attending these establishments and who’s coming to them. See if there are issues and if it becomes successful the city could possibly look into loosening restrictions.

Are hookah longes a good or bad idea for Rockford? I'm not sure, but if it helps some struggling local business owners get back on their feet, maybe it is something worthwhile to consider.


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