OK, This is my cat, Millie. I've been accused by friends and family that I feed her too much. Honestly, I don't.For breakfast I give her an 1/8th of wet cat food from a can and a handful of dry food goes into her bowl for her to eat throughout the day. That's it I don't feed her any more.

As you can see Millie is very fluffy with medium length fur and has short stocky legs. Her slight chubbiness could be due to lounging all day while I'm at work. She waits for me to come home to pet her and play with her.

After reading this article I feel much better that I'm not over feeding her. My routine in feeding her is actually spot on. Cats that graze on food through out the day can actually lose weight.

Maybe, I shouldn't be spoiling her with a few kitty treats (4 to 5) on my way out the door?