They always say the last thing you want to do is get busted for impersonating a Police Officer. In Illinois, it is a Class A misdemeanor, but it can quickly be turned into a Class 4 felony depending on the situation. According to, a 34 year old homeless man in Janesville named Jeremiah Kemper, was just charged with it yesterday. Around 1:30 am yesterday, Kemper tried to enter a locked car at the 400 block of Rockport Rd. close to Monterey Park.


Police stated  that the owner of the vehicle in question was actually fishing close by when the incident took place. He saw Kemper trying to get into his car, He approached him and the two men got into a verbal confrontation. Kemper identified himself as an undercover police officer quite a few times.  Afterwards Kemper showed the victim a knife and held it right over the owner of the car's head like he was threatening him. Once Kemper figured out the police had been called he ran away but was later arrested.

Kemper was charged with Impersonating an officer, disorderly contact, threat to judge and resisting an officer. Kemper is considered innocent until convicted in a court of law.

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