Holy Cow! Let me hear ya! A one, a two, a three...American legend and TV Announcer Harry Caray would have been celebrating 100 years of life and baseball today March 1. I can't imagine a baseball game at Wrigley Field without "Take Me Out To The Ball Game". The first time I saw him sing I was totally engaged in the experience. Everyone knows the words, or pretends pretty well, and it's a love fest. Not a love fest of baseball, or singing. I believe it's the feeling of being accepted, a part of one common human experience. When the song is all over in seconds, everyone sits down and goes on their own way. Harry did that to each and every one of us.

Thank you Harry from this Cub fan who has suffered hundreds of years without a World Series like many in the Stateline.. Where ever you are Harry, I hope they have icy, cold Budweiser, and you're calling a double header today!