I always make fun of Steve Summers for hoarding things, but now I am kicking myself. I used to own about 20 of these 32 toys, but they are long gone now. Dang!

Timm Schamberger, Getty Images

With garage sale season in full swing right now, keep your eye out for these items, or remove them from your sale table ASAP.

My husband is already starting to freak out about the number of baby toys we have lying around our house for Ella, but he also thinks I am a hoarder for holding onto a few Barbies, stuffed animals, and dollhouses. This article is going to be a wonderful piece of evidence for why I need to hold onto these things. Not only will Ella play with them some day, but they could be our ticket to retirement. A girl can dream....

I'm off now to ransack my home looking for my old Furby and Tamagotchi. Mama needs a new summer wardrobe.