I love animals, and I love to support all of our local animal shelters. If you help rescue animals, I will be your number one cheerleader! You never know, your next great love could be just a car ride and a cage door away. My passion for animal rescue just so happened to begin at Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

The year was 2007, and Spencer and I decided we were ready to bring another fur baby into our lives. We already had a awesome lab mix named Rudy, who Spencer had adopted years before from Winnebago County Animal Services, but I missed having a little lap dog to cuddle up with. Off to the internet we go in a search for the perfect companion. Our search lead us to Noah's Ark, and as soon as I walked in the room and laid eyes on Urban, (a.k.a Freddie,) I fell in love. His crooked underbite, and sweet kisses stole my heart, and the next day we brought him home. He is a pistol, and the most stubborn dog I have ever known, but I am thankful every single day that his first family surrendered him. Although it breaks my heart that Urban had to go through that, I know he was meant to be with me.


Fast forward to October of 2010. It's the week before Spencer and I are getting married, and we have to put our beloved lab Rudy to sleep due to a sudden, crippling illness. Our hearts are broken, and Urban is devastated to be without his best buddy. After a few weeks of Urban pacing the house still searching for Rudy, we decided it was time to get him another companion. Then I come across this picture on Noah's Ark website.

Yeah, we adopted Brooks (a.k.a. Malcomb) that very same day. He is our true cuddle bug and protector, who has the sweetest eyes I have ever seen.


My life would not be the same without these 2 amazing fur balls, but what if I had not been there for them? What if they had to spend their days locked in a cage, instead of the comfort and warmth of my lap and bed? The fact is, our local shelters do the best they can to give these animals the life that they deserve, but they need our help.

Here comes the point of this post. I recently came across some great ways to support Noah's Ark, and get some really cool stuff in the process.

First off, you can click here to buy "For The Love Of Dog...And Cat: An Album to Support Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary." What's awesome about this album is it features 16 tracks all donated by Rockford area artists. How awesome is that?!?

Secondly, you can get one of these awesome Rockford candles from Candle Crest Soy Candles, and they will donate 50% of the profits to Noah's Ark through November 1, 2014. Every time I go to the Rockford City Market I get some of their pet odor eliminator candles, and they are FABULOUS. Next stop, I will have to get one of these.

Finally, through September 15, 2014, you can buy a $5 raffle ticket to win a portrait session from Laura Hamp Photography, with 50% of the profits going to Noah's Ark. Here's all the details...

Take it from me, Laura Hamp is amazing. When I became pregnant and starting researching everything baby, I kept seeing all these amazing newborn photos taken by Laura Hamp Photography. I booked a session, and 10 days after Ella was born, we went to see Laura. Her patience and gentleness with newborns is unbelievable. Here is one of my favorite pictures from the sessions that hangs in our home proudly.

Laura Hamp Photography


Although this raffle is not good towards a newborn session, she takes amazing pictures of families too! In fact, we bought my parents a certificate for Christmas to have family pictures taken this fall.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please take a moment to support any of our local animal shelters. The animals need you. Consider this your next challenge.


Brooks and Urban say "thank you for supporting our furry friends!"