In my research about A.L.S. and the Ice Bucket Challenge I came across a new twist on it.

There's now a way to not only help one organization but two by using one bucket.The Water Project has come up with a bucket challenge to bring awareness for A.L.S. and to highlight the fact that there are many countries around the world who do not have clean drinking water or must travel far distances to get water.

The Water Project helps communities and villages in "sub-Saharan Africa in digging wells, constructing small sub-surface dams, catching the rain, protecting fresh-water springs, filtering surface water, and maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene practices.

We here in America have been blessed to have as much as we want, whenever we but there are those that just spilling a small amount it would be an awful waste. Water is a precious commodity to them. We sometimes tend to take for granted the water we drink and waste everyday.

As many of you know I've been challenged by Q98.5's Saturday Night Party Host, Jonny J., to take the A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge. I was also, challenge by a grade school friend (Shari Turner) to take the challenge as well.

Seeing that this now a double challenge, I will be doing a dual awareness challenge in support for those fighting A.L.S. and for those in need of safe drinking water. Stay tuned as I will be posting the video later today on our you tube channel.

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