I'm looking for some help from anyone who is a car enthusiast.

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I figured I would turn to you and get your opinion. I got an E-mail from a Josh, teenager (who's about to turn 16). He needs your help. Here's his E-mail

"Well I'm a teen to start....I will be soon buying a car. I prefer to save MY money instead of leaning on mom's money. I could get more money if I begged but that's not me, I figure that I'll just save up a thousand, maybe even $1500. Now as I'm getting older, i want to go places! So anyways, I want a car. I prefer a muscle car, but with a thousand,  my options are open lol. Yeah of course I didn't expect for a car to be perfect, I don't care about paint job and things like broken mirrors, I just want a mechanically sound car. Maybe even like a car with a fuel line leak, that's something reasonable to fix. But I can't afford a project car right now...I just need something that's already running. I been searching Craigslist lol for a while just browsing and looking at some of the prices. I have great negotiating skills...I could probably get a $1800+ for $1000. But what are some good car models that you could recommend? I want a car with a lot of aftermarket parts like Mustangs."

Josh tells me he's gonna use the car to get to and from his part time job (about a 15 mile daily commute each way)  So, let's turn it over to you, what would you recommend? Comment below with your thoughts and I'll pass it on to him.

Speaking of $1000.00, I did suggest to Josh that he listen to Q98.5 through the month of May because Q98.5 is giving away $2K a day in May with a chance to win $10,000.00, Get all the details HERE.  

Josh is not 18 year of age yet, so he can't win, but his parents can and so can you!