We may have lucked out with a pretty mild winter this year, but the downside of a mild winter is a brutal season ahead for allergy sufferers.


Meteorologists are predicting a very wet Spring ahead, and that combined with a mild Winter, means that tree, grass and weed pollen levels will be at an all time high.

Oh goodie.

So what do we do to survive this Spring, allergy sufferers? Dr. Fatima Mohiuddin from SwedishAmerican recently told WIFR;

Be aware that you're going to get symptoms. Do the saline sprays. Start the nasal sprays early. The most effective medication for nasal allergies are nasal steroids and nasal sprays. The most common medications people take is an antihistamine. The best thing is a combination of both.

Here's a few more seasonal allergy survival tips from WebMD:

  • Limit your time outdoors.
  • Take allergy medicine, and begin taking it BEFORE the allergy season gets really bad so the medicine is already in your system when you need it.
  • Look into natural reliefs like diffusers and herbal remedies.
  • Tweak your home by making all windows are shut, don't use fans, take your shoes off at the door, don't line dry your sheets or clothing and change your filters often.

Good luck. my fellow allergy suffers. I'm going to begin buying sinus headache medication in bulk right now.

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