If you suffer from headache pain, you know hard it can be to get rid of them. Sometimes, you’ll try anything to get relief from the pain. When over-the-counter meds don’t work, it’s time to bring out the headache hacks.

Over the weekend, my husband got one of his severe headaches and went to sit down to rest in his favorite chair. After about a half-hour, he came into the kitchen and said he felt much better. His headache was gone. I asked him if he had taken anything for his headache and he said he didn’t but instead opted for a headache hack he had read about online.

The headache hack involves chip clips that you find in the chip aisle of your grocery store.

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You take the chip clips and attach it to the fleshing tendon between your forefinger and thumb.


How does it help with a headache? According to Prevention,

... the Hegu point is especially effective at relieving headaches at the forehead or top of head, as well as toothaches and sinus pain. It's located in the fleshy web of your hand between the thumb and forefinger. Press together with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand for at least 1 minute then switch hands.

Here are five more headache hacks from Healthline.

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If headaches persist or get more severe, always consult your doctor.

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