Whitewater, Wisconsin, is a town that has long been associated with strange and eerie occurrences. The town that's allegedly so haunted, it makes Casper look like a scaredy-cat. Rumors of witchcraft and restless spirits are why Whitewater has become known as "Second Salem," and it's not hard to see why.

One of the top spots for paranormal activity in Wisconsin is in Whitewater at the Witches Tower. The tower, in Starin Park, has long been the center of witch lore in the town. Legend has it that the inward-facing spikes on the fence surrounding the tower were meant to keep witches in, rather than keep people out. This is just one example of the many strange stories that have been associated with the tower over the years.

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Another legend that is often told about Whitewater is that of a witch, Mary Worth. According to the legend, before she died, she is said to have cursed the town, causing paranormal activity and other strange occurrences to happen.

Cemeteries May Be To Blame For Whitewater's Paranormal Activity

The legends surrounding Whitewater do not stop at Mary Worth. It is said that there are underground witch tunnels running beneath the town. Also, the town's three cemeteries create a triangle, which is where much of the paranormal activity is reported.

Google Satellite, Canva
Google Satellite, Canva

The Legend of the Locked Away Book

Perhaps the most intense legend in Whitewater involves the Andersen Library on the University of Whitewater campus. Rumor is there is a haunted book locked away in a local library that is so dangerous, it has driven four people to suicide and countless others insane after reading it.

There are many stories and legends surrounding Whitewater, but some residents don't buy into the town's haunted reputation. However, for those who believe in the paranormal, But, if you look at all the reported incidents, Whitewater is a place filled with mystery and intrigue.

Whitewater's Long and Fascinating History

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, there is no denying that there are strange things in Whitewater and a whole lot that can't be explained. The town's history with spiritualism and known witchcraft, the town is a treasure trove of stories and legends that will continue to captivate and intrigue visitors for years to come.

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