Like we need an excuse to show off our fur babies or to shower them with extra love, but it's National Puppy Day, so we have to celebrate!

It's the first full day of Spring with temps near 60 expected, and it's been a long, hard winter. Get out there and take your furry best friend for a walk and reminisce about how cute they were when they were puppies. They deserve it!

I'm pretty sure anyone who has ever talked to me, (or listened to me on Q98.5,) knows there are 2 things I talk about a lot; Keith Urban, and my fur babies Brooks and Urban. I am also a huge advocate of pet adoption, so both of my dogs are rescues. Both of them were  about 2 years old when we adopted them, but they were still puppies to me!

Baby Urban, they gave us this pic when we adopted him
They day we adopted Brooks
Waiting for me to throw my plastic water bottle...their favorite toy!
Brooks and I having fun in the sun at our cabin
Urban making waves and catching rays on the Pontoon
Brooks loves to watch the CMA's

Can't leave out Steve Summers' puppy Gunnar of course...he is so adorable!

Gunnar likes an ice cold beverage too!
Steve's wife Yvonne and Gunnar at Forest City Dog Training for their first day of obedience class

Be sure to show us a pic of your "puppy" on the Q98.5 Facebook page. There are few things I love more than seeing pics of adorable dogs. Happy National Puppy Day!