Today math lovers everywhere are celebrating National Pi Day, and the Birthday of Albert Einstein. Now, I may not love math, but I do love any excuse to eat pie, or brownies, or cookies, or cakes...anything sweet really.

Robyn Mackenzie, ThinkStock

When I do decide to make something in my kitchen, the recipe better be easy, and I do much better with sweets and desserts. My husband said the other day that we should make some corned beef and cabbage on Monday for St. Patrick's Day. My response? "Have you lost your mind? How about I make you some brownies with green frosting instead."

I may not be able to do the corned beef thing, (mostly because I don't like it) but I think I can handle any of these delicious St. Patty's dessert recipes.

For those that want to celebrate National Pi day with an actual pie, check out these 74 easy pie recipes I found. Keyword here is easy. Enjoy! If you need any taste testers, I am happy to oblige.

What is your favorite kind of dessert?

P.S. If sweets aren't your thing, you could always celebrate today with a pizza pie...