We're gonna have to double the candles on the cake today. Either that, or change the title to thirty candles, because everyone's favorite 80's movie, Sixteen Candles, is 30 years old today!

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Here is what I know about Sixteen Candles:

  • My Mom didn't let us watch it when I was younger because it was "too naughty." Say what?
  • I don't think I have ever seen the whole movie in its entirety. (Shocking, I know.)
  • We have this movie to thank for making Molly Ringwald the "it" girl of the 80's. (It was her first breakout role)
  • This is a go-to source for your outfit inspiration for the Totally Retro Prom at Giovanni's on May 30th. (Get tickets here)

Now for what I didn't know:

  • That the movie was filmed in the Chicago area. Here is a list of the filming locations.
  • That "Jake" (actor Michael Schoeffling) is now a carpenter in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, and his wife told People magazine that  "He's very reclusive and private," adding, "He's happy."

I guess I know what I am doing today; watching Sixteen Candles in celebration of it's anniversary, and eating cake with a whole lot more than sixteen candles in honor of Steve Summer's birthday.

"What's happenin', hot stuff?"