We all love to hate it.  It has taken over our lives.  It is how we educate ourselves about the World's current events. It makes us feel cool cuz we have hundreds of "friends."  It's Facebook, and it's turning 10 years old today!

What started as the brain child of a Harvard college student now has over 1,110,000,00 active users!  For other interesting facts about Facebook click here.

In honor of Facebook's 10th Birthday, TIME has created a calculator to measure how much time you have wasted on this particular ten year old.  I am proud/embarrassed to admit my time wasted is about 24 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes since May 17, 2008 when I first signed up for my future obsession.

How much time have you wasted? Click the pic to find out!  (and...like Rockford's Country Q98.5FM on Facebook if you haven't done so yet!)

Happy Birthday Facebook, you are a big "thumbs up" in my eyes!  I shall eat cake in your honor today!