I have a whole basement full of these, and I'll admit, I can't part with them. Do you remember these?

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It was this very week in 1949 (March 31), RCA Victor introduced the 45rpm single record, which had been in development since 1940. The 7-inch disc was designed to compete with the long playing record introduced by Columbia a year earlier. Both formats offered better fidelity and longer playing time than the 78rpm record that was currently in use. Advertisement back in the late 1940's for new record players bragged that with 45rpm records, the listener could hear up to ten records with speedy, silent, hardly noticeable changes.

I'm proud to say that I have over 2000 45s and still have several working record player. In my collection , you'll find , Eddy Arnold, The Beatles, Boston, Donny Osmond, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, top the Bee Gees.

Happy 65th Birthday to the 45rpm record!!!

What 45's do you still own?