Here it is a day before Halloween. There are so many parties happening all weekend long.

Are you all set? Or are you still scrambling for a costume idea?

Take this quiz for your Halloween costume can help you out with a few simple questions, in "What should you Halloween costume be?"

I took it and my results said I should be - SEXY ELSA from Frozen ~ Who says a Disney princess can't be a little naughty? You know you're sexy and the reactions you'll get when you rock this costume are guaranteed to be anything but chilly. So get out there and melt some hearts! And for all you guys who got this costume result, man-up and own it girl!

Yep, you read that right, Sexy Elsa. Hmmm, OoooKay. Haha! I guess I better get going on putting that costume together.

Want to see what you should be? Take the quiz now!

Hopefully that helps. ???!!

If not here's a few links for quick and easy Halloween costumes.

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