Boy, did I clean up this morning, I scored a ton of half-priced Easter candy. My personal favorites are Reese's Peanut butter cups and Cadbury hard shelled chocolate eggs. I love the day after Easter, it's an annual ritual, I get up early, head out to CVS and grab my favorites. Here's what I ended up with (Pictured)

Mark Charvat's Easter candy Haul / Mark Charvat

Today, Easter Monday and the next few days are the best time to buy Easter Candy. Hershey, Nestle, Mars, and other major candy companies all create special candies for Easter. You’ve no doubt seen these in the stores. Beginning the day after Easter Sunday, this candy is no longer marketable. It cannot be sold at full price because the packaging is outdated. It cannot be saved and resold the following year because it would become stale long before then. So, the Easter candy is sold very cheap, at a substantial discount. I found, on average, 50% off.

CVS, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens are good places to search. Here's the deal I got today. I stopped into CVS and purchased all my items at half off and used a manufacturer coupon of each item (CVS accepted my coupons that expired on Easter), so I saved even more. My discount averaged about 70% off. Plus, I can freeze my Cadbury eggs, and eat them all summer long. Yummy!

So tell me, what kind of deals did you get on Easter Candy? Feel free to share.