I came across this list the other day of 7 simple things men can do to make women find them sexier.  Not sure how many I agree with from a female stand point...putting your thumb on your lower lip?  Say what?!?!

1.  Rolling up your sleeves

2.  Scratching your beard.

3.  Do the "Save the Last Dance" lean.  When sitting with no table, lean forward and rest your lower arms on your legs.

4.  Put your thumb on your lower lip.

5.  Brace yourself against the door frame.  Think pullups without leaving the ground.

6.  Adjust your watch and tie.

7.  Make good eye contact.  (Just don't overdo it...that's creepy!)

Ladies, what do you think?  Are these things sexy to you?  What would you add to the list?

Guys, if you're single, try these moves out at Rockford's first ever "Single and Mingle" party at Giovanni's on January 31st and let us know if they work!  Get all the details on the party here!