I will admit my husband and I are a couple who don't really "do" Valentine's Day, and there is a reason for it.  I have been a part of Valentine's celebrations in the past that were a hot mess!  My husband is not to blame here...there is a reason a gal has exes! ;)

Thinkstock/Stefano Lunardi

Guys, if you want to earn the title of "Best Valentine" don't do these things....trust me.  They have all happened to me.

- DO NOT buy her yellow roses. (unless she loves them)  There is a reason they are cheaper and the only ones left.  Yellow roses mean friendship.  So unless you are trying to tell her "you just want to be friends" stay away from yellow roses.

- The Valentine's teddy bear is the lamest and most unthoughtful gift there is.  It SCREAMS I totally forgot it's Valentine's Day so I grabbed the first thing I saw at the store on the way to pick you up!  It's generic, put a little thought into it.

-  DO NOT get her a card meant for a 2 year old.  It's not funny or cute.  It again screams that you had to get the last card on the rack on the way to pick  her up.

- DO NOT forget to make dinner reservations if you are taking her somewhere special.  When we have to wait for over an hour to eat at the "fancy restaurant"  it's annoying, and it's not the restaurants fault.  It's yours stupid.  It's one of the busiest nights of the year, show you care enough to plan the dinner out in advance.  (This may redeem you if you totally flub up the gift)

- DO NOT mention your ex and how awful your past Valentine's days were.  Guess what buddy, now this Valentine's day is awful too.

These are just a few tips I have.  Ladies, what do you want to add to the list?  Most guys need all the help they can get!