It seems this is the time of year this essential item is at its cheapest. Now, you will be paying more for it right before the holidays.

The price of gasoline is supposed to be going up once again. Right now around the area, a gallon of gas is $2.12. Experts are saying gas could go up another fifteen cents before Christmas. has kept track of what the price of gas was around this same time for the last five years. Last year it was $1.90, 2014 saw gas prices up to $2.80, 2013 a gallon of gas was $3.23 and the highest it ever was around this time was in 2012 when a gallon cost $3.46.

What is the reasoning for the gas hike? Our friends at OPEC decided that they didn't need to produce oil. When that happens, the price of oil goes up. Then when that goes up, so does the price of gas.

Should we be concerned about paying an arm and a leg to get around places. The good news is no. Despite oil prices going up, experts think it will only be a matter of time before they go down again, meaning gas will be cheaper.

Let us know where the cheapest gas is and help others out before the holidays.

Thank you to WREX-TV for the information.