With a couple of our local Chicago teams in the playoffs, and the Cubs celebrating 100 years at Wrigley Field, you might be in the mood for a sports movie.. Here are the top choices according to Moviefone.com. Do you agree?


Marianna Massey/Getty Images

Hands down I agree with the top five best sports movies. Although I am surprised that the list wasn't "Rocky", "Rocky 2", "Rocky 3", "Rocky 4" and so on... Check out the list and pop up some popcorn. Don't forget the chocolate bars.

1) "Bull Durham" 1988
2) "Raging Bull" 1980
3) "Fields of Dreams" 1989
4) "Rocky" 1976
5) "A League of Their Own" 1992
6) "Hoosiers" 1986
7) "Breaking Away" 1979
8) "Hoop Dreams" 1994
9) "Eight Men Out" 1988
10) "Chariots of Fire" 1981