Earlier this week, the teen who was driving the car that took the lives of Emily Fleming, 17 and Andy Conderman, 64 this past September was charged with two counts each of Aggravated Reckless Driving and Reckless Homicide by the Ogle County Sheriff's Department. She is being charged as a juvenile though, and this fact has some grieving family members very upset.

Rochelle resident, Linda Windland is Emily Fleming's grandmother, and she recently spoke out to the Rockford Register Star saying that justice has not been served by charging the driver as a juvenile. Windland tells the RRStar:

“I’m not out to make an enemy of this young girl. I’m just out to get justice for my granddaughter," Windland said in a phone interview. “I watched all those girls grow up, and I’m very sad that this happened.”

It was found that the teen driver was traveling at a speed close to 100 mph when the crash occurred, well above the posted limit, and Windland feels that the fact she is being charged as a juvenile does nothing "to protect future passengers from drivers like this."

The driver is being charged as a juvenile because she didn't turn 18 until 2 weeks after the crash occurred. If convicted, the teen's maximum punishment could be incarceration in juvenile detention until the age of 21, or probation.

To read more of Linda Windland's statement, check out the complete Register Star article here.