It's hard to believe, but Christmas is literally right around the corner. Next Week!

Yikes! Are you done Christmas shopping for the kids on your list? Running out of ideas because the toy they want is no longer in stock.

Breathe! Check out this cool list of non-toy Christmas gifts.

If you have a lot of kids to buy for or if your like me they're in the stage of too old for toys, then maybe something on this list will help you out.

Nourishing Minimalism put together a list of 18 Non toy Christmas gifts that every kid will love and want.

Non-Toy Gifts include:

- passes to mini-golf, bowling, or some other type of activity.

- gift cards or tickets to the movie theater, concerts, plays, etc..

- give them all types of games and/or puzzles: Payday, Risk, Monopoly.

To see the complete list click here.