Gambling and marijuana aren't the only new things coming to Illinois in 2020. Automobile owners and smokers are about to get dinged even more.

It was a busy weekend in Springfield, which seems unusual to the average person because... what the heck are politicians doing with their time? Ok, in all seriousness, a gambling bill that included a Rockford-area casino passed - which has been talked about for decades. Also, Illinois will become the 11th state to legalize marijuana allowing persons to carry up to 30 grams, visitors 15 grams. Last Sunday evening taxes were voted in favor and it's going to sucks for some.

According to WTVO, automobile owners and smokers are about to take a hit, and I'm not talking about weed. (They may need it after this.)

The House voted to double the gas tax from 19 to 38 cents per gallon, hike cigarette taxes by $1 to $2.98 a pack, and to modernize the internet sales tax.

The silver lining is supposed to be the future improved roads, bridges and infrastructure. But it could have been worse because a bill to tax streaming services, beer, liquor, and wine that failed to get enough votes to pass. So there's that.

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