We've seen some pretty messy road conditions in the last few weeks. According to The US National Weather Service, the next round is heading our way overnight into Wednesday afternoon. As of now, we are expected to get anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of snow. We're all used to a little snow but it gets worse. At some point early Wednesday morning, the snow will transition into freezing rain and we are looking at a light glaze of up to 0.1 inch.


Hopefully, the wintery mix remains to be mostly just snow but it looks like we're in for another ice storm. I checked with Accuweather, and they are predicting 2 to 4 inches of snow, and they also warn about the freezing rain. I will tell you this: if you do have some snow left in your driveway or sidewalks, then today is the time to clear it all off before it turns into ice blocks. Shoveling ice blocks is not near as fun as shoveling snow. Be careful out there and be ready because our next wintery mix is upon us.

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