Is it just me, or do you also have a case of the sniffles? If you listen to my show on Q98.5 today, you'll notice I sound a bit stuffed up. And no, I did not get a flu shot this year. I went to bed on Tuesday night with the "dizzys" and the "chills". After having made it through the coldest and snowiest winter we have seen in 30 years in the Rockford area, I'm wondering what did wrong to catch this flu bug. It's probably GERMS at work!  So I did some research and found out the most likely places you are likely to get sick at work:

They are:

  • Sinks
  • The Refrigerator at work
  •  Hand Dryers

Outside of work

  • ATMS
  • Cold Hard Cash
  • Grocery Store Carts
  • Re-Usable Shopping bags
  • Gym Weight Equipment
  • The Microphone at Q98.5 (I'm blaming the Wake up crew)

My advice, bring hand sanitizer with your wherever you go!  Read more about germ Hot spots HERE