It's a tradition in the Belvidere and Boone County. The 34th Annual General Mills United Way Parking Lot Sale is this weekend. Here's what will be offered at incredible bulk prices for charity.


Leprocons would be dancing and happy as a lark at the amount of savings and incredible deals coming this weekend at the General Mills United Way Parking Lot Sale. There are always lines for this 4-Hour sale which is sole purpose is to raise money for United Way of Boone County.

Scott Olson, Getty Images


The sale is this Saturday, October 3, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the parking lot of General Mills at 915 East Pleasant Street in Belvidere. All proceeds benefit the United Way of Boone County.  Bring strong muscles to carry and cash will be the only thing accepted.

Here's a few of the incredible deals being offered from General Mills for the United Way Parking Lot Sale:

Get CHEX MIX TRADITIONAL 12 Pack of 8.75 oz was $26.28. You'll pay $10.00

GARDETTOS ORIGINAL RECIPE 12 Pack of 8.6 oz was $29.88. You'll pay $12.00

NATURE VAL PROTEIN P BUTTER Dark CHOC CHEWY BARS 5CT 12 Pack was $36.00. You'll pay $16.00.

PILLSBURY GRANDS BISCUIT BUTTERMILK 12 Pack of 25 oz was $33.12. You'll pay $16.00.

There's plenty more to check out HERE.

Top top it off, since people arrive in the middle of the night waiting for the event to start at 8 a.m., coffee and donuts will be for sale to help raise money for United Way. Long lines of cars will form around the plant at 915 East Pleasant Street in Belvidere so be patient.

Get there early since the sale is over at 11 a.m. this Saturday.

Happy bargain hunting and be sure to load up for those school lunches.