UPDATED 11.12.14 at 5:00pm: The gas stations in Freeport have gone back to their regular pricing of $2.95/gallon, but there are still stations in the stateline area as low as $2.66/gallon


'War' is usually a bad word, but in this case, I say "BRING IT ON"!

I thought I'd be happy when gas prices dropped below $3.00 a gallon, but I'd have to say I'm trilled that I filled up today for $2.66 a gallon.

A gas war has erupted in several stateline towns and it has brought prices down below $2.79. Rockford on average is $2.99/gallon

I filled up with gas this afternoon at the Murphy USA Gas station in front of the Rochelle Walmart on Rt 38 and Caron Rd. I paid $2.66/ gallon for 87 octane grade gas.

Mark Charvat / Townsquare Media

Other Gas stations in the stateline area have dropped down as well:

  • Rochelle: Murphy USA on Rt 38 - $2.66/ gallon
  • Rochelle: Casey's on S 7th Street and Lakeview - $2.75 / gallon
  • Creston: Casey's on Rt 38 - $2.79 /gallon
  • Shannon: Casey's on W Market Street - $2.79 / gallon
  • Pearl City: BP on Main Street - $2.79 / gallon

Of course what goes down, eventually goes back up. Get the deals while you can!