Summer has arrived. If not by the calendar, definitely by these nearly 100-degree temperatures. I spent yesterday sweating and laughing.

Summer's First Heatwave Has Arrived

Isn't it just like the Midwest to go from overnight low temperatures around 45 - 50 degrees and a couple of days later a high of 99 degrees and 400% humidity?

That last word, humidity, I hate that word. It makes this hot weather so much worse. Today, that word is part of the funniest 'hot weather' meme I saw yesterday.

I once heard a woman refer to this particular sweat as 'mountain dew'.

"Too hot for titties" is not a statement exclusive to just women, big boys with man boobs are afflicted, also.

This is also the season when all couples are done sleeping close together.

"Don't touch me."

No AC, no me.

I feel this one. I hate eating outside in extreme heat.

You'll never see actor Danny DeVito the same way again.

Real talk!

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Too hot to tolerate all kinds of things.

The fan and the fridge both provide some immediate relief from the heat.

Extreme heat will make you do some crazy things.

This last funny hot weather meme is my favorite. It makes perfect sense, plus it's really fun trying to say the last word correctly.

I never should've learned to say "humidititties", now I'm afraid it may slip out while I'm doing a weather forecast.

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