Flying is a hassle! Waiting in line after line and going through airport security is no fun at all. You just want to get on the plane, snooze for a few hours and arrive at your tropical destination. Wait a minute, first you have to sit through the boring safety briefing by the cabin crew... YAWN! Unless you were lucky enough to be on this Southwest Airlines flight from San Francisco to Chicago!

This flight attendant deserves a round of applause for the most entertaining safety briefing ever!

A special note from David London, who posted the video

I forgot to add one more thing that he did for those of you who believe that our servicemen that are allowing us to have freedom deserve more praise than this guy.  One of the first things he said on the plane was there were servicemen on the plane and they deserve a round of applause for their service to our country to give us our freedom to fly in this plane.  So although he's not in the military risking his life, he is on an airplane risking his life every day, and taking care of the passengers better than any flight attendant I've ever seen.  And the crew did too! He truly is the best flight attendant flying in the skies.


Cool guy!