Q: What are symptoms of a sewer backup?

Often, a sewer backup can start with something as simple as an unexplained slow drain from more than one drain in your home. Toilet bowls that take an unusally long time to empty or make gurgling or bubbling sounds can indicate a problem as well. The lowest drains in your home will usually be the first affected. Unpleasant odors from the floor drains in your basement are a sure sign that you need to consult a sewer technician.

Q: What is a cleanout?

A cleanout is a pipe which provides a plumber access to your home's sewer line to clean out blockages. If your home does not have a cleanout, clearing clogs can be more difficult and costly, or not possible at all, resulting in more frequent visits from your plumber. Axberg plumbers can install cleanouts to your sewer line for easier maintenance.

Q: How do tree roots affect my sewer lines?

Tree roots are attracted to sewer lines because they are a rich source of nutrients. But tree roots can cause costly damage to your sewer system, particularly older clay pipes, as they invade and create blockages in the sewer line, requiring sewer rodding or hydro jetting or even complete replacement. When planting new trees, it's always a good idea to avoid placing them near your sewer or septic lines.

Q: What is the advantage of video inspection of sewer issues?

Axberg sewer technicians use video inspection to locate the problem areas in your sewer prior to excavation or sewer line repair, so that we can provide the most cost efficient and least invasive solution to the problem.

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