Fred VanVleet has been having another amazing season on the Toronto Raptors. But soon enough Freddy could be wearing a red, white and blue jersey on a much bigger court. The Olympics.

We've been waiting for the official news for a while, and we just got one step closer to knowing if Fred VanVleet will play for the USA Basketball team in The Olympics.

One of those athlete's being Rockford's very own Fred VanVleet. Rockford is excited of course, but so is Freddy's team.


So right now there's 57 names on this list. And from 57, they cut that down to 12. Which is a huge cut, how can they even decide? Normally players would be invited by USA Basketball to a tryout camp before the Olympics. At that time 12 players would then be selected for the Olympic team. WTVO details -

 Due to COVID-19 USA Basketball will forgo the tryouts this year. Instead it will spend the rest of the NBA season evaluating the 57 players, and then it will announce the final 12. Those 12 will head to a camp in Las Vegas in early July to prepare for the Olympics.

So they'll have some major eyes on Fred for the rest of the season. And I think they're going to like what they see ...

Olympic athlete or not, Fred VanVleet is killing the game right now.

Good luck Freddy! Can't wait to watch the rest of your season.


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