On June 12, 2019 the Ford Motor Company issued four safety recalls, but only three of them pertain to North America. The biggest recall involves over a million Ford Explorers built between 2011 and 2017.

The notice released by the Ford Motor Company yesterday says;

Ford is issuing a safety recall on select 2011-17 Ford Explorer vehicles. Vehicles that are exposed to frequent full rear suspension articulation (jounce and rebound) may experience a fractured rear suspension toe link. A fracture of a rear toe link significantly diminishes steering control, increasing the risk of a crash.

This action affects approximately 1.2 million vehicles in the United States and federalized territories, approximately 28,000 in Canada and one in Mexico.

Affected vehicles were built at Chicago Assembly Plant, May 17, 2010 to Jan. 25, 2017.

The two other safety recalls Ford has issued that effect North America involve 123,000 2013 F-150 trucks, and about 4,300 2009-16 Ford Econoline vehicles.

If you one of these recalled vehicles, be looking for a notice to come in the mail with instructions on how to get the problem fixed at no cost to you.

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