It's official. It is flu season. The flu virus is already leaving its mark on DeKalb County, disrupting a holiday party for seniors and keeping hundreds of children home from school according to the Daily Chronicle. Here's the latest on the flu season.

DeKalb County is only one of many countries in the state in a flu battle. The Illinois Department of Public Health reported last week flu cases had been confirmed in at least half of the state, with more people getting sick than at this point last year.

The report of flu like illnesses started earlier than ever this season. One would reason to believe that with the Ebola reports, more people went to the Doctor to make sure they did not have that virus.

The DeKalb County Rehab and Nursing Home canceled an open house this past Saturday because some of its residents have the flu. Sycamore School District 427. Almost 9 percent of students in Sycamore’s public schools were absent Monday because of illness, which could include the flu.

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The elderly, children under 18, pregnant women and those with other conditions that make them more susceptible to the virus should promptly seek treatment if they suspect they have the flu.

Make sure to wash your hands more frequent, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth and to avoid contact with sick people.

Good luck and I can assure you, that listening to Q98.5 is contagious as well. Not in that manner.