Even big country music stars make mistakes. Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley made a big one that could have been permanent when he got what he considers to be the "world's worst tattoo."

Kelley used his Twitter account to show fans that he said goodbye to the bad ink. "See ya later worlds worst tattoo" he tweeted, showing his fans exactly which of his many tattoos he meant. On his left forearm, Kelley had a black tattoo that appeared to be the headstock of a guitar. The guitar would be fitting for someone like Kelley but it was hard to distinguish exactly what it was at first glance.

What's a country singer to do? He visited a tattoo artist and had it fixed to represent his home state. The Florida-born singer visited Nashville tattoo artist Steve Martin at Black 13 Tattoo and got his partial guitar turned into a palm tree in front of a colorful sunset. What was once the guitar's headstock became the body of the palm tree in front of a red, orange and yellow sun that represents his southern beach upbringing.

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