Father's Day is this Sunday, do you have your gift for Dad yet?

If you're scratching your head on ideas of gifts for Dad, here are five gifts you've probably never thought about giving your Dad.

MomsEveryday.com, has quick list of five gifts to give your Dad that honestly aren't that difficult or expensive.

  1. Coupon book. Have your kid make one. Give Dad coupons for things like “One free lawn mowing session (done by either Mom – eh – or Kid, if Kid is old enough),” “One free week of trash taken to the curb for you,” “An afternoon of football, uninterrupted (really, Dad, we promise!),” etc.
  2. Hiking, camping or fishing gear. All men, even those who work in an office all day (maybe especially those men), have a primal urge to be outdoors. Give in to that. They’ll be happy. You’ll be happy. Get Dad a new sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, tackle box, binoculars or other outdoor appropriate gadget. Men like gadgets.
  3. A container of hops. Yes, hops. With this gift, your guy can GROW HIS OWN BEER. Sort of. It will at least get him started. And will no doubt score some points for you. “She gave me hops. I knew she was cool.”
  4. A day out. Guys like time to themselves, too, even if we’ll never quite understand how they spend it. At any rate, give him the go-ahead (read: schedule it for him) to spend a day and/or night however he likes. Options: golfing, fishing, camping, Man Cave, dinner at a sports bar with buddies, Vegas (hey, some wives are really cool).
  5. Items that speak to their inner boy. Sites such as thinkgeek.com have a ton of this crap, er, stuff. Think plush Battlestar Galactica toys, Star Wars earbuds and a joystick for your iPhone. Hey, to each his own.

I think for my Dad I'd be on the side of giving him something for the garden or the garage. My Dad is always working in the garden or tinkering in the garage.

There now you've got a few ideas to help you out, no excuses not to have a gift to tell you Dad or the Father of your children how special he is.

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