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Behold...a "National Holiday" that scream yummy, and in the end will leave me with a stomach ache...Probably because I will try my best to eat the entire dozen. It's National Donut Day.

It seems that the actual "donut shop" has taken a hit in recent years. People are choosing healthier alternatives for breakfast, so changes have to be made. Just look at Dunkin...Yes Dunkin....Not "Dunkin Donuts" as it was for decades. Grab your coffee drink and maybe some egg whites, oh and by the way we still do have donuts.

So for those of you that like to go the "sweet treat" route, more power to you...You do need to life a little, right? Here are the Top Five Donut Stops in Rockford according to Yelp:

Doughboy Donuts - 3451 N Main St

Joe H.

All Day Donuts - 3511 East State St

Joe H

Banana Cherry Bakery - 1274 S Alpine Rd

Stephen A

By The Dozen Bakery - 8324 N 2nd St

Joe H

Curran's Orchard - 6385 Kilburn Ave

Curran's Orchard

There is nothing wrong with celebrating today, or hell celebrate National Donut Day on Saturday...we occasionally do a birthday like a day or week later, right?

Of course, of course...there are other great donuts locations around town. You might be a Dunkin, Dunkin Donuts fan?


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