UPDATE: 7/18/14 4:00pm: The DeKalb Lizard now has his own Facebook page, click here. According to the Facebook Page

The lizard's owner has been potentially identified! New info indicates the lizard jumped out of an open window, and its owner is searching for his much-loved pet. Do NOT demonize this owner, this can (and probably has!) happened to most pet owners in the past. Let's help the owner find his scaly pal!

Last month the Stateline was plagued by a bear on the loose, now there is a lizard. The things you come across on Craigslist. This Lizard was spotted in DeKalb.The posting reports that a resident found a Nile monitor lizard in their garden this past weekend.

Apparently, one of our neighbors left him outside to die because he did not want this lizard anymore. We are trying to keep him safe. He is about 2 feet long and is an olive green color with lighter stripes. He really enjoyed hanging out in our hostas and in our PVC drain pipe that leads out from our gutter and sunning himself on our bricks, so I'd say he could easily be in a garden, under a hedge, or by a pond. This type of lizard enjoys the water, so I'd keep an eye out if you have any water features near your property.

He seems harmless enough, but I would suggest not approaching him. If you DO spot him, please call, text or email me. We have located a handful of specialists/sanctuaries/reptile lovers that are willing to take him or to help out with rehoming him, and we really want to see him survive this and get the care he deserves.


You can see the photo of the lizard here. Lizard watch begins now. Be kind to this feller if you come in contact with him