By 4th of July next year smuggling in fireworks from Indian or Wisconsin could be the thing of the past.

As a state lawmaker is pushing for them to be legal in Illinois.

I can already hear the cheers of many for this to come true.

The Daily Herald shared that state Rep. Barbara Wheeler filed House Bill 5928, which "aims to lift the state's 76-year-old ban on most consumer-grade fireworks such as Roman candles and firecrackers."

The passing of this house bill mean that it "would create the Pyrotechnic Use Act of 2018 to regulate the licensing, sale and purchase of the explosives beyond sparklers."

According to Rep. Wheeler of Crystal Lake, "said she believes residents should be able to celebrate Independence Day without the risk of a fine or arrest. Illinois is one of four states to prohibit the sale and use of pyrotechnics."

I totally agree with her. Don't you?

She also stated that "Illinoisans, like residents in 46 other states, can and should be trusted to responsibly use consumer fireworks and take care of themselves."

Plus, the permitting of residents buying fireworks could "put additional tax dollars into the state's coffers."

When our neighboring states of Indiana  and Iowa loosened their fireworks restriction they saw it generate "about $2.5 million in tax revenue every year since [in Indiana] it loosened its fireworks restrictions. Iowa estimates bringing in $1.5 million this year after legalizing fireworks in 2017."

Wow! Well that's a nice chunk of change that, as we know, our state really needs.

This could be a win-win situation for us all. the state is happy because it gets cash and the people are happy because it's fireworks. Enough said.

Fingers crossed this passes.





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