We're here to test the newest treats and tell you to grab them for yourself or something you'll want to pass on.

After Oreo shared the news about their newest limited edition flavor, Firework Oreo, we searched high and low all over Rockford to find out what all the buzz is about. By "high and low" I mean made some phone calls and sent some texts. Yesterday while shopping at Schnucks on Mulford there they sat in all the red, white, blue (and black) glory - Firework Oreos. I bought a bag and brought them to work. How did they taste?

One of us excitedly enjoyed the taste and one of us was let down. Check it out.

A split decision? Nope! An off-camera coworker agreed with me and was slightly disappointed. There just wasn't enough pop, I guess. Don't let us steer you away from these unique Oreos, go try them for yourself.

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