, using the most recent crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), took a look at nearly 300 American cities (297) with populations of over 100,000 to determine the safest and most dangerous places along with their per capita costs of crime.

MoneyGeek points out that there's an ongoing stereotype that larger cities are more dangerous. While no larger cities (population of 300,000 or more) made the overall safest list, fewer than half of the 15 least-safe cities in the U.S. were large cities.

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It'll Take You Less Than 90 Minutes To Drive From Rockford To America's Safest City

There will be several indicators that you're close to your destination. The clues will be very these:

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It seems as though that population sign might need some updating. Naperville's population, as of 2019, was listed at 147,501.

So, using the FBI's crime numbers and statistics, has declared Naperville, Illinois as the safest city in America. Naperville also posts the smallest cost of crime (per capita) in the nation at $187 per resident.

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This place is the next-closest safe city to Rockford after Napervilled. (Getty Images)
This place is the next-closest safe city to Rockford after Naperville. (Getty Images)

Of The Top 20 Safest Cities In America, Only 3 Are Located In The Midwest's list puts Naperville at #1 on the safest cities list, and Carmel, Indiana at #4. Lee's Summit, Missouri takes the #12 spot. Here's the top ten, along with their per capita costs of crime.

  1. Naperville, Illinois-$187
  2. Cary, North Carolina-$195
  3. Murrieta, California-$200
  4. Carmel, Indiana-$214
  5. Frisco, Texas-$218
  6. Amherst Town, New York-$227
  7. Cape Coral, Florida-$233
  8. Irvine, California-$236
  9. Thousand Oaks, California-$252
  10. McKinney, Texas-$276

Here's the top 5 cities on the Most Dangerous Cities list, and what it costs them per capita:

  1. St. Louis, Missouri-$11,574
  2. Jackson, Mississippi-$9,138
  3. Detroit, Michigan-$7,292
  4. New Orleans, Louisiana-$7,214
  5. Baltimore, Maryland-$7,091

Milwaukee is the #11 city on the dangerous cities list, with a per capita cost to Milwaukee residents of $5,049

The Safest Cities in Illinois & Wisconsin

Safewise did a study on the 100 safest cities in America. Eight of them are in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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