June is here! That means time to start thinking about what to get dad for Father's Day.
Lil' Zim and JB have your chance to win a fun delicious prize pack for dad that includes:

Maybe your dad chooses the loud color clothes, maybe his fit, maybe he's a little fluffy whatever the case, we want to see pictures of those Dad Bods!
How to enter:
1. Grab the Free Q98.5 App
2. Open the app and click the "3 bars"
3. Choose "Submit Pix/Vids/Audio
4. Complete the form and hit the red bar & send us your dad's picture

Manly Man Co Beef Jerky

For more Father's Day gift ideas, check out Manly Man Co.'s  "#1 Dad" Beef Bouquet and "#1 Dad" Bacon Bouquet.


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