According to WGN TV, A driver was allegedly huffing chemical vapors just before he struck and killed 4 people on Saturday. The driver, Colton Treu age 21 is being held in the Chippewa County jail on 13 charges. Four of them were for the alleged intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. The Lake Hallie Police department said that Treu's truck crossed over the lane divider and went off in a roadside ditch and struck the victims.


Three young Elementary school children lost their live 9-year-old Jayna Kelley, 10-year-old Autum Helgeson, and 10-year-old Haylee Hickle along with Mother Sara Jo Schneider.  A fourth girl was injured and was hospitalized in Rochester, she is currently in Critical condition. The three young girls were actually part of a Girl Scout group  That was picking up trash along County Highway P. Treu fled the scene of the crime after the accident but surrendered later that day. His bond was set at 250,000 dollars.

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