In Illinois, a ghost and gangster tour by Segway is one of a kind experience.

Riding On A Segway

I have mixed feelings about riding on a Segway. Part of me really wants to try it because it looks fun. The only problem is whenever I see or think about cruising around on one, I immediately think of the movie, "Paul Blart, Mall Cop." That just cracks me up.

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Also, when I go to  Chicago Bears games at Soldier Field, I see the Segway tours going around downtown Chicago with visitors to the city. They seem very out of place during football Sundays. You know, they had no idea there was a game that day.

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
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History Of Ghosts And Gangsters In Chicago

Of course, Chicago has a deep history of gangsters and the mafia, going way back to the days of Al Capone. Unfortunately, that has brought a lot of death to the Windy City. Add the Great Chicago Fire on top of that and there is a lot of people losing their lives. That, in turn, creates an influx of paranormal activity. Chicago is well known for its ghosts. Oh, I do not forget gangsters too.

Al Capone On His Way To Prison
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Combine The Worlds Of Segway Tours, Ghost, And Gangsters

I think the decision of whether to ride a Segway or not could be helped if they made it a ghosts and gangsters tour. That would definitely interest me. Well, guess what, it is available just in time for Halloween.


According to, 

"Join Absolutely Chicago Segway Tours on this haunted segway tour of Chicago where we share Chicago's history of death, disasters, murder, infamous gangsters, and ghostly tales."


"Eerily, we creep through the shadows and darkness to hear some of Chicago's true ghost stories and view the site where some of Chicago's most appalling disasters took place."


"You will glide around the streets of downtown Chicago, escorted by one of our Segway tour guides."

I think there is finally a way to make riding a Segway cool.

For more info, HERE.

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