With the holiday season upon us, it seems like everyone is driving a little more than usual. Whether you're doing some last minute holiday shopping or visit family, we all will be stopping at the gas pump a little more this time of year. Lately it seems as if the prices have gone down slightly, but that's about to change.

According to WREX, gas prices are expected to be the highest in five years this Thanksgiving. The expected average price is $2.56 per gallon, up a penny from last year and the highest since it was $2.79 in 2014.

There is some relief though as experts expect it to drop come Christmas time.

If possible, try filling up earlier in the week to avoid those higher prices as we get closer to Thanksgiving. Or if you're really looking for relief and the border isn't that far of a drive, cross into Wisconsin where there's sometimes over a thirty cent saving per gallon.

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