No country artist is safe from WGNA's Nick Kessler and his ongoing crusade to put stars through their worst interview ever. And although Eric Paslay is beyond talented, those talents won't make for an exception to go through almost three excruciating minutes of pure awkwardness.

During this quest for discomfort, Kessler goes all over the board to talk about an array of topics that don't link at all, including bananas, Game of Thrones and writing credits. We couldn't make this up if we tried, so we suggest you watch the video above for a solid cringe-worthy laugh.

To start things off, Kessler points out the obvious: that he has sweat dripping through every pore. After touching his soaked T-shirt, he follows the next obvious step in an interview, offering Paslay a snack -- a Twinkie to be exact, which adds to the awkwardness since he is a diabetic.

"I'll bring the insulin," Paslay responds with a wary smile.

Not to worry ... Kessler came prepared with a banana. There might not be anything more awkward than interviewing someone while chomping on a banana.

"Why 'Friday Night,' I feel like we need more stuff on like a Monday?" Kessler asks in reference to Paslay's hit single. The country singer responds with, "You'll confuse little children. Even drunk people will be confused on that one."

From there the pair continue to discuss beards, characters on Game of Thrones dying and the disparity of not getting credit for your work, all in no consequential order.

Luckily Paslay is a good sport and manages to get through the whole thing, because we don't think we would have been able to.

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