Eric Church puts the country music songwriting community on blast with the lyrics to his new song, "Stick That in Your Country Song." In fact, the echoes of his message may go even beyond that.

Church says the song was part of his month-long recording retreat in the mountains of North Carolina in January, but this isn't one he had a hand in writing. Per the Boot, "Stick That in Your Country Song" is just the second outside cut he's ever recorded, the other being "Like Jesus Does," a song on his Chief album.

Country songwriting veteran Jeffrey Steele (Rascal Flatts, Montgomery Gentry) wrote the lyrics to "Stick That in Your Country Song" with relative country songwriting newcomer Davis Naish, who has more than 400 titles to his credit at BMI and has most recently written songs for Rachel Reinert's Into the Blue album. Steele's songs were an early 21st century mainstay at country radio, with "What Hurts the Most" being among his most popular hits. He's not know for divisive lyrics or messages that might upset his contemporaries.

It's difficult to describe "Stick That in Your Country Song" as anything but an affront to the community, however.

Church, with rising indignation, calls for more real-life American issues to color verses and choruses of songs you hear on Top 40 radio. These issues aren't pretty: Poverty, gang violence and war are a few topics he mentions specifically.

"C’mon, I wanna pound the dash / Stomp the gas, drive too fast / Rock me hard, stop my heart / And blow the speakers right out of this car," he hollers during a Jay Joyce arrangement reminiscent of "That's Damn Rock & Roll" from his The Outsiders album.

Call the song a challenge or a slap or an insult or a goal. This lead single from the album Church is working on falls in line with previous lead singles like "Desperate Man," "Mr. Misunderstood" and "The Outsiders." For a decade he's preferred to introduce an album with a statement instead of providing radio with assurance that more hits are coming. A Top 10 or Top 20 hit would be a win for his team here.

Interestingly, the 43-year-old says "Stick That in Your Country Song" was written pre-coronavirus and before the death of George Floyd. That it's become more salient is why he chose it to go first.

Here Are the Lyrics to Eric Church's "Stick That in Your Country Song" 

Take me on up to Detroit city / Jails are full, the factories empty / Mamas crying, young boys dying / Under that red, white and blue still flying / Drop me off in Baltimore / Where every other window got a plywood board / Where dreams become drugs and guns / The only way out is to shoot or run

Stick that in your country song / Take that one to number one / Get the whole world singing along / Stick that in your country song

Sing about the man coming back from war / Twenty-three going on 54 / He lost a friend, his sight, his hands / Baby girl, he'll never see again

Repeat Chorus

Light the arrow, pull the bow / Shoot that fire right through my soul / Hit my pride, fist up high / I wanna feel a rush, I wanna feel alive /  C’mon, I wanna pound the dash / Stomp the gas, drive too fast / Rock me hard, stop my heart / And blow the speakers right out of this car.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

Gimme one about the teacher who’s trying to change a life or two / She'll be rocking out all night with you / Tomorrow she'll back in a red brick school / Where the kids are climbing off the walls and it's scary walking down the halls / She's underpaid, she’s overworked / Come on man, shout one out to her

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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