What does it say about our society that emus running free through Danville, Illinois really isn't that strange anymore? It's been reported that at least one of these goofy-looking birds is still on the loose thanks to a new video share.

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As soon as I saw UPI share the news that an emu had been spotted in a Danville, Illinois backyard, I had to know more. WCIA News had video to prove that these wacky birds are officially on the loose. Or, at least one is.

They noted that at least 4 emus escaped a pen in Danville back in July of 2022. 3 were captured and using advanced emu math, that leaves one stray emu which is what was shown on the video in the backyard with the very unhappy dog inside the fence wondering why the emu is free and it isn't.

You can add this emu on the run story to the one about the bison who's Illinois owner recently pleaded with to come home.

Suddenly, Illinois has become a living version of The Jungle Book where wild animals of all varieties appear to be in our midst. So, if you see an elephant while driving down Main Street, don't panic. It's the new norm apparently.

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