We've all heard about the pink Cadillac that Elvis had and the numerous cars he purchased for friends and family. Heck in Memphis the have a whole museum dedicated to his cars.

Did you know he had a secret, getaway car?


Funny that the Graceland curators have never restored the car and put it on display. It's interesting that after all these years the car is now being discovered and talked about.

In one way, it's a neat little treasure for us to learn more about the man who changed the face of music and became the epitome of Rock and Roll.

On the other hand, it saddens me because Elvis couldn't be himself and had to hide from the public just to be normal.

If you'd like to great a better glimpse into who Elvis really was, you need to read the books written by Peter Guralnick. "Last Train to Memphis" and Careless Love". I read them and they are eye opening. I want to go back to Graceland to see his house and memorabilia again.